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Mandan City Commission moves to ban e-cigarettes for minors

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

With Bismarck having recently banned the selling of e-cigarettes to minors, it would only been natural for those looking for such products to cross the river. With a vote by the Mandan City Commission on Tuesday, that no longer will be an issue.

The commission approved a first reading of an ordinance which bans the selling of e-cigarettes to people who are 18 years or younger. In effect, e-cigarettes will be treated similarly to tobacco products.

Police Chief Dennis Bullinger introduced the proposal. He said that he didn’t want to encourage minors from Bismarck to come to Mandan to purchase the product.

“We live right across the river where that ordinance is in place,” he said. “If they were to us these for smoking, they’re going to come to Mandan to purchase it.”

The commissioners quickly approved the reading, which will push the ordinance to a second reading and final vote on March 4.

Liquor license
The commission considered the approval of a Class WB liquor license for Buffalo Commons Brewing Co., LLC. Ted Hoffman opened the company last year, and hopes to spread his product throughout the state. Currently, his beers are distributed through McQuade Distributing Co. Inc.

“We don’t have anything really wild, yet, but we’ll get there. We just make good, drinkable beer right now,” Hoffman said.

The liquor license was approved by a 4-0 vote.

Street improvement
Since January, five consulting firms have submitted proposals for street improvement projects in Mandan. On Tuesday, the commission approved to enter into agreement with KLJ Engineering for design and pre-bid services for the federally funded improvements.
The city is currently looking at improvement on three streets.