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Mandan man accused

By Jenny Michael
Lee News

A Mandan man is accused of abusing an infant and beating his girlfriend.

Dale Miller, 29, was charged Monday with Class C felony aggravated assault and Class B felony child neglect or abuse.

South Central District Judge Gail Hagerty set bond for Miller at $5,000 cash.
Mandan police were called to the St. Alexius emergency room at 1 a.m. Sunday for a report of a woman and her 2-month-old boy at the hospital with injuries.

The woman told officers she and her baby were at Miller’s apartment Saturday afternoon and evening, a statement from the police department said. Miller had been taking care of the baby at the apartment. According to court documents, Miller told the woman she was spoiling the baby and he wanted to “wean” the child form being picked up all the time. She reported he microwaved baby formula, which is not advised because hot spots can develop in liquids, despite her protests, court documents said.

The woman told police she checked on the baby in the evening and found injuries to his face. She said she confronted Miller, who kicked and hit her and would not let her leave the apartment. The woman took the baby and ran from the apartment when Miller used the bathroom. She flagged down a passing car, and the driver gave her a ride to the hospital.

The woman had numerous injuries, including a broken nose, chipped teeth and bruises. The baby had bruises on his head, face, ears and thigh, and he had burns on the inside of his mouth, lips and cheek, which had been caused by a hot liquid.