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Mandan OKs liquor license ordinance

The Mandan City Commission on last Tuesday lifted all liquor license limits and the bidding process to obtain them.

The new ordinance adds one-time issuance fees for three of the licenses, but still requires annual renewal fees be paid for the licenses.

Class A general retail – on and off sale of beer licenses will cost a one-time issuance fee of $60,000.

Class D – off sale beer and liquor licenses will cost a one-time issuance fee of $80,000.

Class D-1 – liquor licenses will require a one-time issuance fee for off-sale beer and wine of $40,000.

City Administrator Jim Neubauer said the locations for the liquor licenses must still meet city zoning codes. Market demand and the issuance fee costs also will limit how many liquor licenses are purchased.

It specifies that Class A on and off liquor license locations have a minimum seating capacity of 30 people.

The ordinance still allows the city to require a bidding process for a license if it is felt necessary.

by LeAnn Eckroth, Lee News