Mandan News

Mandan Police roundup

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

Over the last few weeks, the Mandan Police Department has been busy responding to a number of calls.

On June 26, around 5 a.m., the police department has received two reports of what was thought to be gunshots. As police went to investigate the incident, they received another report that a vehicle had been broken into.

Working off of a description given by a witness, police were able locate and detain two juvenile males, who had entered vehicles and removed at least two handgun, as well as other items.

The juveniles, who admitted to firing the handguns, were issued a number of citations, and then transported and released to the Youth Correctional Center in Mandan.

Attempted suicide
On the 26, police also responded to a call of a suicidal male. The victim’s parents believed that their son might be trying to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Officers were dispatched to the residence; however, they were unable to make contact with anyone inside.

While investigating the garage, police saw a vehicle inside, with their headlights on. Trying to gain entry, officers broke out a window. Able to climb into the garage, an officer attempted to open the overhead garage door, but was unable.

Due to the fumes coming from the running car, the officer had to exit the garage. An unsuccessful attempt was made to pry open the door from the outside, but the fire department finally had to cut a hole in the garage door in order to free the victim.

The victim, a male, was found breathing; however, he was unresponsive. Having been pulled outside, emergency medical personnel were able to work on him. He was then transported to a local hospital.

Struck by vehicle
On July 2, a vehicle had struck a 65-year-old woman from Baldwin as she was crossing the street.
While she was crossing the street, one vehicle had stopped in order to let her cross. However, a second vehicle did not brake soon enough in order to avoid hitting her.

The driver of the vehicle was a 19-year-old man from Mandan. He told the police that he was distracted, and thus had not seen the woman in time.

According to a witness, it appeared that he was looking down, looked up and then suddenly braked. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the man had been texting on his phone while driving.

On July 4, the Mandan Police had received a report that 23 year old male was missing from a group home. Staff told police that one of their clients had left earlier that day, on his scooter, in order to take the group home’s dog for a walk. While staff had searched, they were unable to locate him.

The next morning, an officer and spotted a man lying, next to his scooter, in a field near the Mandan Middle School. The man told the officer that after hitting a bump, he fell off of his scooter, and was unable to get back up. The dog, being man’s best friend, had remained with the individual throughout the night. After being checked out by ambulance staff, he was returned to the group home.

On July 6, the Mandan Police Department received a call from a man who reported that he had been assaulted and robbed.

The 47-year-old man had told police that while he was getting out of his car, after arriving at home, he was jumped by three men.

He said that after the men had hit, kicked and knocked him to the ground, that they stole his wallet. Officers reported that the individual did have a contusion over one eye, scraps to one leg and knee, as well as a scrape to his abdomen.

The victim could not identify the men, and had no idea who they were. The incident is still under investigation.