Mandan News

Mandan Police solve string of break ins

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

This summer has seen a string of vehicle break-ins throughout Mandan. While waking up to find that one has become a victim can be disheartening, the Mandan police department has had success of catching a number of perpetrators.

Dealing with multiple cases of vehicles being broken into on July 30, the Mandan police had a their work cut out for them.

The police were initially tipped off about the first set of incidences when a concerned citizen reported that they had seen four young males entering cars in the area of Bay Shore Bend. The caller had told police that the four individuals had been walking down the street, trying the doors of vehicles to see if they were unlocked.

Upon arriving, police had discovered that a number of cars had been broken into, and that items, including a pair of Beat headphones, had been taken.

While investigating the report, police happened upon a younger male, who ran off into an area of brush and grass.

After a brief search, the individual was found hiding under a pile of branches. Being taken into custody, he was identified as a 15 year old boy from Bismarck.

Investigating further, four additional Bismarck boys, ranging from ages 14-16, were identified as having been involved in the incident.

For the Mandan police though, this was just the beginning of their day. Receiving reports from four other individuals, in a separate incidence, it was reported that additional vehicles had been recently entered.

While one of the vehicles had been left unharmed, the three other vehicles had had a number of items removed, including cash and a GPS.

The officer assigned to the case, through investigation, was able to identify two suspects. One was a 13 year old boy from Mandan, while the other was a 15 year old boy from Washburn.

In a relatively happy ending, two of the victims items were recovered.