Mandan News

Mandan property tax to go down

By Hannah Johnson

The Mandan School Board approved the district’s budget and the amount of mills it will levy for property tax at its meeting Tuesday night.

The number of mills levied will be a reduction of about 28.5 percent, or 44.57 mills.

Last year, the Mandan school district levied about 156 mills. This year, Mandan is levying close to 112 mills.
“This really is the minimum we can levy,” Mandan Superintendent Mike Bitz said at the meeting.

As a part of the new education funding formula enacted by the state Legislature, 50 mills was bought up by the state government in an effort to pass on property tax relief to taxpayers.

Mandan is approximately 5 mills short of that 50 mark. Those mills are accounted for by the new elementary school, Red Trail, which is on track to be open for the next school year, said Christi Shaefbauer, the business manager for Mandan schools.

The number of mills levied for the new school would have been around 9 mills, but the school district was able to pay off about $900,000 of debt earlier this year, allowing them to decrease that number, Schaefbauer said.
The budget for this year is about a 3 percent increase over last year’s expenditures. Schaefbauer said this is fairly typical for the district.

The budget, which will now be sent to the county auditor, is due every year in early October.

The board also approved a refinancing of the middle school, the biggest bond the district is paying off. This refinancing will save the district $613,000 over the next 10 years.

The next school board meeting is Oct. 7.