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Mandan Republicans endorse incumbents for Legislature

By Nick Smith
Lee News

Mandan-area Republicans gathered Tuesday evening and endorsed all three of their incumbent candidates seeking re-election to the state Legislature.

District 31 Sen. Donald Schaible of Mott and Reps. Karen Rohr of Mandan and Jim Schmidt of Huff were each endorsed unanimously.

All three were elected in 2010 and are seeking their second terms.

Just over 100 people from Districts 31 and 35 gathered at the Seven Seas hotel in Mandan. Their convention began at 7 p.m. and began with campaign speeches from several statewide Republican incumbents up for election.

Schaible thanked attendees for their support of him and the other members of the District 31 ticket.

“I think we’ve done some things that this district’s residents should be proud of,” Schaible said.
The state’s booming energy industry has given the state the flexibility to cut taxes and work at upgrading statewide infrastructure, he said.

“There’s still a lot of things left to do,” Schaible said.

He said statewide infrastructure is still an area of concern as the state’s population continues to grow, as is ensuring that government spending is kept in check.

Schaible owns a farm in Mott. He currently is vice chairman of the Senate Education Committee and serves on the Senate Government and Veterans Affairs Committee. He’s also a past school board president for Mott-Regent.

Rohr serves with Schaible on the Education and Government and Veterans Affairs committees. She is the bioethics and clinical research director at Sanford Health and adjunct faculty for the University of Mary.

“I will continue to work hard for you next session,” Rohr told the convention.

Schmidt praised the work of local Republicans in helping put him, Rohr and Schaible in office in 2010. He noted that District 31 had been represented largely by Democrats for nearly 20 years prior to their election.

“Without you, we couldn’t do what we’re able to do for you,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt is a retired farmer from Huff. He serves on the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Finance and Taxation Committee. He’s chairman of the interim Agriculture Committee.

All odd-numbered districts are up for election this year as well as the offices of attorney general, agriculture commissioner, tax commissioner, secretary of state and two seats on the Public Service Commission.

Each statewide candidate up for election took turns speaking to the audience Tuesday, as did a challenger for the agriculture commissioner office.

No Democratic-NPL Party candidates have announced challenges yet for District 31.