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Mandan Special Assessment Commission seeking appointee

The Mandan City Commission will consider an appointment to the Special Assessment Commission for a six-year term beginning in April.

Residents are encouraged to confirm their willingness to serve on the Special Assessment Commission with a letter summarizing their background and reasons for interest. Letters should be submitted by 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 20, to the City of Mandan Engineering and Planning Department, 205 Second Avenue N.W., Mandan, ND 58554 or by email to Engineering Project Manager Kim Fettig at

North Dakota Century Code provides cities with the authority to levy assessments on private property for public improvements. Special assessments are used to pay for projects such as street paving and reconstruction, installation of water and sewer mains, sidewalks, curb and gutter, storm and sanitary sewers. More information about the Special Assessment process is posted at under the Finance Department section.

A three-person Special Assessment Commission is responsible for determining which properties within an improvement district benefit from construction work performed and for spreading assessments fairly among properties. Determination of whether work should be done is a responsibility of the city commission in considering a project and an assessment district. There are opportunities for public input about the necessity and scope of project when the matters are before the city commission.

The Special Assessment Commission meets approximately six times per year to review district maps, assessment amounts, tour completed assessable projects, and preside over the public hearings to receive objections or corrections of assessments for affected properties within a district. Compensation for this position is $35 per meeting.

No particular qualifications are required to serve on the Special Assessment Commission; however, it is helpful to have knowledge of mathematics or basic accounting skills as well as a familiarity with Mandan and the layout of its streets and subdivisions. Members are asked to be available during daytime hours for meetings.

For more information, call Engineering Project Manager Kim Fettig at 667-3228.