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Mandan youth to serve as Arthritis Walk honoree


Five-year-old Deklan Wollschlager, this year's Arthritis Walk honoree. Submitted photo

Five-year-old Deklan Wollschlager, this year’s Arthritis Walk honoree. Submitted photo

There are 300,000 children living with arthritis in the United States. Five-year-old Deklan Wollschlager is one of them. Deklan’s mother Carly remembers her son starting to limp and complain of pain in his leg around the beginning of December 2011, and by Christmas he was unable to walk at all and asked to be carried or crawled to get to where he wanted to go. The family immediately took action by taking him in to their local clinic, where they ran X-rays and did blood work.  From there they were sent to a specialist, where more test were completed to determine the cause of Deklan’s pain. Days later, the doctor diagnosed Deklan with juvenile arthritis.

Thanks to arthritis research and advancements in medicine, it only took about a month after starting his medication that Deklan started to feel more like himself again.

His mother Carly says, “he still gets frustrated when he is slower than other kids his age and when he gets worn out sooner than others. But we have been fortunate to have the support from family and friends to help him feel better when he gets frustrated.” Carly also says that Deklan loved participating in last year’s Arthritis Walk, helping to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation, and is looking forward to the walk on Saturday, May 4.

The Arthritis Foundation Upper Midwest Region will hold its seventh annual Arthritis Walk – Bismarck-Mandan on May 4. The AFUMR is seeking participants to take part in the fight against arthritis, the nation’s number one cause of disability.

The walk will be held at Sanford Women’s Health Center, located at 1100 College Drive in Bismarck. Participants can choose between a 1-mile walk or 3-mile walk, all of which will begin at 10 a.m.

Registration is available online at or at the event. Participants that raise $100 or more will receive an event t-shirt.