Mandan News

Mandan’s annual water report released

The city of Mandan has generated its annual water report in response to a regulation implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency, showing that the city’s drinking water is safe.

The EPA requires that each community water system in the country annually prepare a report that provides its customers with information regarding the quality of water distributed to its customers. EPA requires monitoring of over 80 drinking water contaminants. This is the 15th report for Mandan’s system.

This report summarizes Mandan’s water quality data for the monitoring period ending Dec. 31, 2012. It provides other information regarding the potential health effects associated with detected contaminants, if any.

Mandan obtains water from the Missouri River. At the Mandan Water Treatment Plant, river water is pumped to a pretreatment basin where objectionable tastes and odors are treated and suspended sediments are removed. After pretreatment, the water passes through one of two treatment trains, in either the original 1958 or the 1985 plant addition. Each treatment train consists of softening, clarification and stabilization, followed by disinfection and filtration. On average, the plant produces approximately 2.88 million gallons per day and has a peek capacity of approximately 12 million gallons each day.

North Dakota Source Water Assessment Program has classified Mandan’s water system as moderately susceptible to potential contaminants.

For more information, contact Mandan Water Treatment Plant Manager Duane Friesz at 667-3275.