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MAR Club April Athletes of the Month

Alison Froelich

Alison Froelich

Girls track and field
Grade: Sophomore

Alison Froelich, a Mandan High School sophomore, is the Mar Club girls athlete of the month of April.

Throughout the months of March and April, Alison has been off to her best start in track and field in her career. While only a sophomore, Alison has been part of the varsity program since her middle school years.

This year, Alison spent extra time during the basketball season to raise her level of strength and fitness, and has shown huge dividends.

“She has gone the extra mile,” coach Mike Kuhn said. “She has been a rock solid starter for our sprint relay teams, and passes the stick extremely well. She is just a great athlete to coach.”

During the month of April, Ali has qualified for four state events: the 100 meter, 200 meter, 4×100 meter relay and the 800 meter relay.

“I don’t know what better role model and athlete a coach, team or program could ask for,” Kuhn said.

Along with track and field, Alison also participates in volleyball, basketball, student council, National Honor Society and Trust in Teens. She is also a member of Young Life.

Jared Walters

Jared Walters

Boys baseball
Grade: Junior

Jared Walters, a Mandan High School junior, is the MAR Club boys athlete of the month of April.

Jared was the leader for the baseball team during the cold, wet month of April. Throughout the month, in conference games, Jared hit 308 from the leadoff spot with an on-base percentage of 419, which means that he is getting a hit every third time at bat and ends up on base every other time he is up to bat. Jared is also the team leader in runs-batted-in with seven.

“Jared is the quiet leader on the team,” coach Dewitt Mack said. “He allows his actions to speak for him as he approaches every game and practice with an intense desire to be the best.”

Along with his offensive production, he also keeps opposing teams off the bases while is pitching. In April, Jared had two wins in two starts, and he also had a save. He recorded nine strikeouts during the month.

“Jared has been a key figure in the success the Braves baseball team experienced in April,” Mack said.

Besides boys baseball, Jared is involved in hockey, legion baseball and Trust in Teens. He is also a member of the National Honor Society.