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Meeting the candidate: Marnie Piehl

Marnie Piehl and her family enjoying time together.

Marnie Piehl and her family enjoying time together.

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

Volunteering is a tradition for Marnie Piehl’s family. It was a value she was instilled with growing up, and has continued to make an impact on her life. Now having children involved in the Mandan school system, Piehl has thrown her hat into the school board race.

While Piehl has been in the area for a number of years, it was in November of 2012 that she took the leap across the river, with her husband, Shadd, and three sons, and settled west of Mandan.

Having lived in the community now for more than a year, Piehl felt that it was time to really get involved.

“If you are part of a place, you should be involved in it,” said Piehl. “Living in a community, you just contribute to it.”

With her twin boys in second grade, and oldest son in seventh, the school board was an ideal opportunity for Piehl to become involved.

“I like to be engaged in what my family and I are involved in,” said Piehl.

As with any new endeavor, there will be a learning period. For Piehl, that process has already begun with doing research on the state of the schools, as well as reviewing previous board meetings.

This would not be the first time that Piehl has introduced to a new board though. Serving on both the Red Cross and Bismarck-Mandan Unitarian Universalist boards, as well as having been a part of various other organizations throughout the years, including a time as being the president of the Apple Creek PTO, she has had a fair amount of experience with having to get informed on various subjects.

Yet, there are certain limits that each person has. This means that there are situations that require faith in other individuals to have more knowledge on a subject.

“Being in communications, I hope to be able to translate and clarify information,” Piehl said. “But I also have faith in the teachers.”

A guiding issue that Piehl sees is making sure that each child has the help and resources needed to allow them to progress effectively. Providing these tools, Piehl said, will help create a larger equality among the students, so that they can learn what they need to.

The end goal though is to make a difference. For Piehl, she sees a chance at doing so in this community.

“What’s really great about Mandan is the size, and because of that how one can make a difference,” Piehl said.

Not everything Piehl does revolves around volunteering; even though that is something she enjoys doing. While having just been promoted to the director of college relations at Bismarck State College, and being a mother of three, she still finds time to partake in other enjoyable activities.

“Living in rural Mandan, I have the chance to have a nice garden, do a lot of hiking, and ride horses,” said Piehl. “It’s also nice having a community that is so responsive, and willing to help or answer questions.”

Piehl will be looking to serve one of four seats open for election. Board member Jay Volk is seeking re-election, as is Sheldon Wolf. Bob Kelmisch will be running for the other open seat.