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Mom and her broom

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The folks up at Sanford on Collins sure took good care of mom during her stay with them. But I do recall her doing a bit of boogey woogey, and snapping her fingers to some tune in her head as I escorted her down the hall and back home. If memory serves me further, I think she tossed the walker aside at the facility’s door, grabbed my arm, and the two of us kinda pranced down the sidewalk to my truck.

(Yes; it was below zero with the usual biting cold winds we’ve all come to know and love so much around here … sorry just couldn’t resist complaining about the weather. Evidently I still have high hopes of getting the attention of whoever is in charge of the weather around here … and if there is someone out there, you’d at least think he’d get tired of all the complaining…)

Anyway, back to where I thought I was here. We’re all relieved that mom’s home from a bit over a three week tour of a hospital and nursing home stay. For the record, she’s doing great. Well, at least until I surprised her yesterday.

Like most kids, I don’t knock much before entering my parent’s house. I just walk in and go from room to room until I run into my mom somewhere. Well today, I’m kinda thinkin’ I better change my habits, because she was changing clothes when I walked in on her, and it left a mark on me that will likely be with me for a while.

It only lasted an instant but Mom was so shocked that she put her shirt on backwards and once I realized what I did, I skedaddled to the living room to await her permission to approach her for a hug … then we spent the next hour laughing about it all … Moms are like that you know …

The incident kinda reminded me of the mark she left on me back when I was in junior high school, and she found out I’d spent the night with my girlfriend. For the record we played cards, listened to the Beatles, talked Jr. high talk, and wasted the night in a platonic fashion … not even a kiss, just smiles, and friendship.

So as you might imagine, the discovery of this endeavor kinda set mom off a bit. Of course she had stewed about my foible for quite a while before I got home, like maybe all night? I also knew I had crossed a line somewhere but no harm no foul right?

Not so much from mom’s perspective. I came up the front steps, opened the door and got the beejeebers knocked outa me by her broom … and that seems to have left a mark that we can laugh about today … right mom?

Anyway, we’re all happy that mom made it back home and is picking up where she left off. And for me I’m really happy to report that so far she’s only had to hit me once with her broom, because over the years, I’ve learned to back off when she starts going for it. Here’s hoping that whatever marks life brands you with help you get to wherever you’re supposed to be … safe travels.