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Money from bowling fun day donated

Funds were distributed from the charity fun day bowling tournament involving (l-r) Midway Lane owner Jim Mellon, retired businessman Terry Barnes, Stan Stelter of the AARC, Bob Hillard of the Jesse Hillard Scholarship Fund and Sheila Tveito of Midway Lanes.

The 18th annual charity fun day bowling tournament at Midway Lanes in Mandan raised money for two local charities.

Sponsored by retired businessman Terry Barnes, Midway Lanes and Bob Hillard, the event produced $5,936 for Pam’s House, the shelter operated by the Abused Adult Resource Center , and the Jesse Hillard Scholarship Fund. The charity tournament was held in November.

The fun-day bowling tournament has provided $77,926 for local charities since its inception in 1995.

Pam’s House, an emergency shelter that provides a safe, temporary home for women and children made homeless as a result of domestic violence, is named for Pamela Senger Norman, who lost her life due to domestic violence in 1992.

The scholarship is named for Jesse Hillard, a Mandan youth who died in an accident in 1995. He had been a longtime member of youth bowling in the community.