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Morton County Ag Day coloring contest winners named

Winners of the Morton County Ag Day coloring contest (clockwise, from top left) Cora Dienstmann, Alivia Ding, Gracyn Brennan and Mikella Kost. Submitted photos

Second grade youth who attended the Morton County Ag Day on Thursday, March 15, were eligible to participate in a coloring Contest sponsored by Mike Hillstrom, Bayer Crop Science Company, Mandan. Approximately 100 second graders returned their pictures to be judged. Some of these youth are second and third generations removed from farm life.

The winners were: Cora Dienstmann, Bismarck, first place; Alivia Ding, Bismarck, second place; Gracyn Brennan, Bismarck, third place; and Mikella Kost, Bismarck, fourth place.

Hillstrom donates over $200 to this activity to make youth more aware of the crops grown in North Dakota. The prizes were groceries of either products grown in North Dakota or products from crops that are grown in North Dakota. Agriculture is North Dakota’s number one industry.