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Mother’s Day for me

Layout 1 (Page 1) It’s Mother’s Day for me, and last Sunday it was for you. As you can tell, my clumsy sense of timing these days hasn’t changed much. All last week, commercials on TV, posts on Facebook, and the blogs/websites/yahoo’s/
newspapers/stores of the world have been reminding us to buy our mothers something that shows them how much we appreciate them. Even with all those reminders, I still ended up a week late, so hang on here.

If you’re like most children out there, you bought your mom some flowers and a card, or called her or visited her. If you’re a youngster, you might have planted some seeds in school and given her a baby plant in a Styrofoam container, or you might have made her a personalized card telling her how much you loved her. If you’re a middle schooler or an adolescent, you may have even put down your smart phone long enough to tell your mom you loved her.

If you’re a guy like me, you would have spent the week wondering what to get your mother for Mother’s Day only to find that you frittered the week away before you could act on your good intentions.

So, this is where my wife comes in. Awhile back, I somehow managed to insult her when she asked me what I was going to get her for Mother’s Day and I responded with, ‘you’re my wife not my mother.’ After years of intensive therapy, I think I’m finally over the concussion, but there still are occasional relapses of insensitivity that she feels the need to correct.

Both my loyal readers know that I’ve been kinda swamped by helping my son build his house. They have to be out of their old house and into the new one by June 1, so the intensity is building. I spent last weekend on my knees doing the floors. Two days of groveling on my knees caused numerous anonymous muscles to complain, and although I was the only one to appreciate all the pain I was in, I’ll spare the rest of that excuse and let you know that Renee took care of my mom’s Mother’s Day purchases … again.

So, I’m here to qualify my terse statement about wife versus mother by saying that Renee still isn’t my mother, but she’s the mom of my kids and grandmother of my grandkids, and she’s certainly a wonderful mother. Over the past 43 years, I’ve watched this woman care for her family, and I can’t adequately express how lucky I am to have a wife who is also a wonder-filled mother.

Like her mom, Renee’s number one priority in life has always been her kids and grandkids. She goes to great lengths to make sure every birthday has a celebration, every tear has a soft shoulder to land on, every holiday is special, every kid’s event is attended and whenever she’s around her children, they always walk away with more smiles than frowns. She epitomizes a mother’s love and not only are all the kids in our family lucky to have her around, so am I.

May you always have someone like Renee in your life to fill the various holes and needs in your life too … love ya … dn