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Mysteria back in business

The Mysteria Theater, at 210 W. Main St., which has recently been reopened by the group Organized Noise Entertainment. Brian L. Gray photo


By Brian L. Gray


New operators have reopened the Mysteria Theater.

Sawyer Bennett and Cory Zimmer have both teamed up to launch Organized Noise Entertainment, also known as O.N.E. Group, which will operate at the Mysteria. Their plan is to showcase live music and dinner theater in the 76-year-old former movie theater, which is located at 210 W. Main St.

Zimmerman says the facility will be used for not only live theater, but the group also plans to book live comedy, symphony concerts, and also open up the Mysteria for weddings, corporate events and private events.

The Mandan City Commission has approved a Class F beer and win liquor license for Mysteria Theater. While most shows are for people of all ages, there will be a separate location for alcohol use.

A menu is being offered as well during shows. Zimmerman says the theater’s chef is still testing the waters to see what will work. “We will have the basics, but as far as a specialty menu we’ll have to continue to look into that,” he says.

A light show and sound system has been added to the theater. Future plans, Zimmerman says, include being open for lunch and offering a lunch menu, and possibility of delivering too. The upstairs portion has plans of being renovated into VIP rooms, with new paint and furniture.

Bands are booked through the end of the year each weekend, including some Thursdays. The music groups run from mainstream acts to regional and local bands. Zimmerman has been organizing concerts for some time now, and has a goal to give music fans a place to go to enjoy live entertainment.

“We’re not like the other owners and tenants that have come and gone there,” Zimmerman says. “We want to be in this for the long haul, and make this a career. We want to give what Mandan wants.”

You can learn more on Facebook by searching Organized Noise Entertainment.