Mandan News

Near stabbing in Mandan

On Saturday, Oct. 19, Celina Margarita Lillian Ironbull, 18, of Mandan reported she was assaulted by her boyfriend, age 27, whom she lived with.

However, after an investigation by the Mandan Police Department, they concluded it was Ironbull’s boyfriend who was the actual victim.

Ironbull is accused of biting her boyfriend on his left shoulder area and striking him in the face. After that altercation, Ironbull walked to the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

Upon returning Ironbull held the knife over her head with the knife tip facing the boyfriend; however, he was able to wrestle the knife away. Ironbull then went outside and threw a rock at the victim’s car windshield.

Ironbull was placed under arrest and charged with Reckless Endangerment, Assault, (Domestic), and Criminal Mischief.