Mandan News

New faces for Glen Ullin council

By Dustin White
Mandan News, editor

Glen Ullin will soon be seeing some new faces on the City Council. A drawing was held at the regular meeting on April 14, which picked the placement names for the June elections.

Running for the two open postions for four year terms are Cody Schuelke, Doug Martwick, Audrey Duppong, Jim Chesley and Tracey Harris. For the open two year position, Gary Glasser is the sole candidate.

During the meeting, the board voted to move Randy Martwick into the president’s seat and Tina Haverluk into the vice-president seat.

The council received resignation letters from Kathy Boschee and Marge Emter.

Boschee had served as the transportation director in Glen Ullin, while Emter served as the transportation driver. Both resignations will go into effect on July 1.

The city will be placing an ad to look for replacements.

Three properties in the city will be receiving letters from Custer Health in regards to issues that need to be addressed. Each resident will have 30 days to present a written plan that addresses action in order to abate the nuisances.

A number of other residences will be visited by the cities emergency management team concerning the lack of house numbers. Every house in Glen Ullin is required to have house numbers, which is the duty of each resident.

Several people on the north side of town will be receiving letters from the city attorney to cease and desist from unauthorized road maintenance. The issue will be discussed further at the May city council meeting.