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Online polling asks about public safety

Since 2006, the City of Mandan’s website has conducted online polling questions every month.

Ellen Huber, business development and communications director for Mandan, works on the online polls and said,

“The online poll questions serve as a means to encourage routine visits to the City of Mandan website and to generate some interaction.”

“The polls are a way to gather some informal input on a variety of topics ranging from serious to light-hearted,” said Huber.

In October, the polling question asked, “How do you rate your overall feeling of safety in Mandan?”

Out of 71 respondents 61 percent indicated they feel safe in their community with 23 percent feeling “very safe,” and 38 percent feeling “somewhat safe.”

On the other hand, 31 percent indicated they feel unsafe with 25 percent feeling “somewhat unsafe,” and seven percent feeling “very unsafe.”

Huber indicated one detailed response voiced concerns of traffic signalization, homelessness and early morning patrolling of Main Street.

As indicated in the Mandan Messenger, a monthly newsletter by the city, the commission is taking steps to improve public safety and community growth. For 2014, the city is hiring five positions within the Mandan Police Department and four jobs for the Mandan Fire Department.

“On the western side of the state we are seeing traffic greatly increase in the last five to ten years,” said chief of police, Dennis Bulinger

The increase can also be seen with the growing number of residents. “Five more sworn in officers will be on patrol starting in 2014 because over the past five years the department has seen a 50 percent increase in service calls,” said Paul Leingang, deputy chief of police.

At one time there are 20 allocated uniform patrol in Mandan; however, police chief Bulinger explained the force is currently down four regular staffed officers and they are currently looking to quickly fill a vacant officer position.

Tips on staying safe in Mandan from police chief Bulinger include, locking your doors to your vehicle, garage and home. Also, citizens should be aware of their surroundings especially during the holiday season.

“People could watch for Christmas gifts, so make sure to lock your doors,” said police chief Bulinger.

Citizens have said they feel unsafe with the transportation situation in Manadan. However, indicated in the Mandan Messenger, “The N.D. Department of Transportation is having traffic signals installed at the I-94 ramps on Sunset Drive and now indicates permanent signals are warranted for Memorial Highway at the intersection of 46th Avenue SE and 40th Avenue SE.

For November, the public is asked to poll their opinions on retail business in Mandan. Some of the questions ask about competitive pricing, the quality of products or services and overall business attractiveness and cleanliness.

The public is asked to have their responses to the online polling in by Nov. 30.

By Katie Jones