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Paving the Old Red

Layout 1 (Page 1)I drove Old Highway 10, Old Red Trail, from Mandan to Glen Ullin last week and geez, I wish they’d pave that 15 miles or so from Almont to Glenn Ullin. That gravel may be well maintained, but the dust or mud sure discourages folks from using Old Red Trail.

So, for you folks wondering where and what the Old Red Trail is, I copied this from http://

“ In early 2006, citizens from Morton and Stark Counties met to discuss the possibility of creating a state Scenic Byway that would bring travelers off of the intestate to visit the local towns and inject dollars into the local economies. The route begins at the Mandan Depot on Main Street and travels west to Dickinson, a total of 108 miles. The mission of the Old Red Trail Committee is for recreational, historical and economic revitalization in the communities along Highway 10 from Mandan to Dickinson, ND, by creating awareness of the Old Red Trail as an alternative to Interstate travel in western North Dakota.”

It’s an honorable mission, that won’t be finished until they pave the portion between Almont and Glenn Ullin. If they, the Morton County Commission and our legislators in particular, would seriously pursue this matter, I would probably never drive I-94 again on my way to Lake Tschida.

Old Red Trail is absolutely gorgeous year round. The prairie along the trail is much more dramatic, the ravines are deeper, the hills steeper, the buttes more prominent, and the scenery envelopes anyone passing thru.

This time of year the trail winds through a land carpeted in breathtaking emerald greens. It doesn’t take long to realize that the ground itself is alive. If you really want to see it, head down Old 10 from Mandan’s depot … you don’t have to go far to realize that you’re on a much prettier drive than I-94.

So take that drive, or check out the website, then call your Morton County Commissioner/
local legislators and let’s see if we can’t get that section paved, so then folks on I-94 won’t have to worry about contending with old folks like me driving around out there.

Here’s hoping that when you see something that needs to be done you speak to those who can do it … I just did.