Mandan News

Price Ranch named to hall of fame

The Price Ranch, located north of Mandan, was one of nine inductees named to this year’s North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Established north of Mandan in the early 1900s by William and Emily (Watkins) Price, the Price ranch started with a quit claim deed of range land. The ranch now consists of 18,000 acres, with 5,000 acres being irrigated and a 10,000 head feedlot.

In the feedlot, the Prices background calves, finish beef and have a dairy heifer development project. They work closely with the NRCS to improve their pastures and a veterinarian to improve the genetics of their cattle. In the mid-1990s, a delegation from the Republic of Kazakhstan toured the Price Ranch. After two more visits, Bill and Dan Price were invited to Kazakhstan to meet with their President and Secretary of Agriculture. As a result, the Price Global Beef LLC formed a partnership between the Government of Kazakhstan to form Kazbeef LTF, LLP. The Prices are responsible for acquiring the cattle and managing the 209,000-acre ranch, with the assistance of a ranch manager out of NE and local Kazie cowboys.

In 2010, the Prices shipped over 1,327 heifers and 20 bulls, all registered Hereford and Angus. They now have 2,000 head of registered females in two reproducer centers near the city of Mamai. They are also building a 5,000-head feedlot. Their first calf crop came in the spring of 2011. There are also 1,200 head of steers and heifers and plans to have the first sale on the ranch in 2012. They operate a very modern ranch utilizing all the most modern technology. They have done a lot to develop the export of U.S. beef.

Inductees are voted on by the 200 Trustee of the NDCHF. Ceremonies for the inductees will be in Medora on June 22 and 23. Activities begin with a special reception to Honor the Honorees at the NDCHF – Center of Western Heritage and Cultures on Friday, June 22.

Activities continue Saturday, June 23, with the induction program at the Tjaden Terrace, Medora. Entertainment begins at 12 p.m. MDT.

Tickets for the program are limited to 250 and must be made prior to June 22 by calling 623-2000.