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Rainfall washes out county roads

As a result of the significant rain recently received in the southern part of Morton County, two roads in the Flasher area have washed out, three culverts have undermined and roads were overtopped at approximately 50 locations.

The Morton County Road Department has barricaded the roads washed out by the Chantapeta and Louse Creeks. Morton County Emergency Manager and Communications Director Tom Doering says the sections of washed out roads are located at 67th Street, in the SE1/4 of Section 5, Township 134 and Range 83, and 72nd Street, at the SW1/4 of Section 32, Township 134 and Range 82.

Additional inspections are underway, according to the Morton County Road Superintendent Nick Kraft, and damaged sites are being red-flagged as they are discovered.

The public should be alert to evidence of road damage such as holes in the road that may indicate culvert undermining or other erosion activity. Motorists should slow down for evidence of road damage and avoid areas where holes in the road are present.