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Regional task force deters drunk driving

In a continuing effort to end the problem of impaired driving, the Southwest Bismarck Regional DUI Task Force conducted a month long high visibility enforcement event. Several North Dakota law enforcement agencies across the state provided additional law enforcement presence on rural, city and state roads throughout the region for the entire month of June.

During this recent unified saturated patrol effort, the results from the Southwest Bismarck Regional DUI Task Force are:
• Six driving under the influence arrests
• Nine other alcohol related citations
• Three drug arrests
• 180 speed citations
• Four safety belt violations
• Zero felony violations
• Two suspended driving arrests
• 56 total citations/arrests
• 110 total contacts

Impaired driving is defined as a motorist operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs. Any use of alcohol or drugs can affect a motorist’s driving ability. Officers encourage motorists to designate a driver if they plan to drink alcohol and to observe warning labels on prescription medications. Both alcoholic beverages and prescriptions can alter judgment and motor skills, and result in dangerous impaired driving.

In the Southwest Bismarck Region, 10 law enforcement agencies participated in the second quarter of this program, which was conducted from June 1-30, 2014. By working together to create high visibility enforcement, early results show a positive impact on deterring motorists from drinking and driving. These statistics emphasize the importance of enforcement and saturation patrols in protecting motorists on North Dakota’s roadways.

The DUI Task Force began on October 1, 2010, in order to take significant steps towards reducing alcohol-related crashes and fatalities across the state. Nearly eighty percent of all law enforcement agencies currently participate in the DUI Task Force across North Dakota. Funding for this enhanced enforcement is provided through the North Dakota Department of Transportation.