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Results of land use presentation

There were about 30 community members in attendance at the Comprehensive Land Use and Transportation Plan community forum on Tuesday.

Stantec presented a concept plan, which is still in the discussion phase. However, Stantec and the city of Mandan find it important to inform the citizens every step of the way.

City Administrator Jim Neubauer said, “The plan will aid City Commissioners, Planning & Zoning Committee members in addition to existing residents, developers and property owners on what land uses are best suited for the areas surrounding Mandan.”

Key concepts presented by Stantec focused on greenways, neighborhoods, downtown redevelopment and the new corridors on I-94.

Greenways are the rivers, streams and valleys that weave through the area. The city uses them as the backbone of a trail system, storm water management, and amenity for future neighborhoods.

According to the Stantec study, future neighborhoods are to be built around smaller commercial nodes and neighborhood parks, to encourage walkable and bikeable neighborhoods.

Phil Carlson, senior planner for Stantec, said, “An important concept is the continual redevelopment and inclusion of more dense housing, to keep the ‘heart’ strong.”

Also, new entrances from I-94 are being studied because the development happening north of the interstate is creating a major commercial center.

Members of the community that were in attendance voiced their opinions saying they are concerned with the use and preservation of Heart River Valley.

Other concerns include traffic and more trail connections.

Several people want to make sure downtown Mandan thrives even though Wal-Mart just came to town. Others voice concerns about interstate corridors and want an entrance made at 32nd Ave and 56th Ave allowing development to extend on the south side of the interstate.

Neubauer said, “I think the Comprehensive Land Use and Transportation Plan is probably the biggest step forward we can take at this time.”

By Katie Jones