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Resurrection in spring

Layout 1 (Page 1)Praise the Lord, spring was resurrected on this year’s resurrection. Yep, there I was in a T-shirt, thinking it won’t be long before I’ll have to figure out what I did with my shorts last fall.

So I dug into my flower beds, which were quite a mess because I forgot to clean them last fall, and whilst snorting the dust and such, I found myself thinking about how wonder filled this thing we call spring is.

For me, spring confirms the concept of resurrection. By March, the snow usually recedes and our beloved prairie is essentially dead brown, bleak, dusty and forlorn. By April, sprigs of new growth begin to poke through the dead foliage and the circle of life begins anew.

Unlike other parts of the world, our beloved prairie brings us closer to the cycles of life than earth’s more temperate zones. Our winters are harsh, our springs delightful, our summers are worshipped, our falls are colorfully melancholy, and our winters are death defiantly cold.

So when spring allows us to come out of our caves, the first day of T-shirt weather is a really big deal, and there I was on the day before Easter thinking these things.

I hope what I’m about to say doesn’t disappoint too many Christians, but Jesus wasn’t the only prophet to affirm that all of life resurrects somehow. Take lilies for instance. Mine grow up to six feet tall, they bloom from early July to early August, then when the ground really freezes they collapse into themselves and wait till spring to start all over again … the cycle of life.

So ask yourself … do lilies know what they’re doing, or do they just resurrect without any sense or thought about what they’re doing? I assume that you’ll make the same conclusion that I did, in that the lilies probably just resurrect without knowing that they do it … so that leaves me wondering, will you and I resurrect and not know we did, or will we all be like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly … and either way, do we get to take what we know or do we have to begin anew?

Do we head into another dimension with what we know, or do we just start over as microbe and work our way back to where we are today? Given that life here really does go thru cycles … we’re born, we live we die, do you think that we humans might be allowed to resurrect as well?

So as I removed the old dried up growth from each lily, I noticed there were new green shoots beginning to poke their way through the mire … and I couldn’t help but think how wonder filled this thing we call life really is.

Those are heady questions that may be due to the dust I snorted whilst cleaning my flowerbeds, so I’m not sure if it’s the dust or something worth thinking about, but as you can tell I wrote it down anyway … and I guess I’ll just have to wait until I die to find out.

May your wonderings take you to wherever you need to be.