Mandan News

Rowdy Ranchers hold November meeting

By Mary Hintz, club reporter


The Rowdy Ranchers 4-H Club held its November meeting on Sunday, Nov. 18, at the St. Lawrence Church Parish Center. President John Jochim called the meeting to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.

Members absent were the Isaacs family, Landrie Schmidt, the Kuhns family, Emalee Fleck, Josh and Sara Jochim, and Olivia and Owen Erhardt. The secretary’s report was read. Roll call question was “What is your middle name?’ Motion was made and passed to accept the secretary’s report. The leader’s report was read. Motion was made and passed to accept the leader’s report. The treasurer’s report was read. Motion was made and accepted to accept the treasurer’s report.

The club discussed club projects. Creative Clay has shut down, so the club discussed other ideas for projects. A reminder was given to the members to bring their “Secret Santa” gifts to the Christmas Party. The club then played a game dealing with teamwork. The Schaff family demonstrated how to make penguin ornaments.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 2, at 4 p.m. at the Elgin Bowling Alley in Elgin. Each family was asked to bring a dessert or salad to share with the club.