Mandan News

Rowdy Ranchers hold October meeting

By Mary Hintz, club reporter


The Rowdy Ranchers 4-H Club held their October meeting on Sunday, Oct. 14, at the St. Lawrence Church Parish Center. President John Jochim called the meeting to order followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge. Members absent were Isaac Jochim, Landrie Schmidt and Braxton, Michael, and Garrett Hatzenbuehler.

The secretary’s report was read. Roll call question was “What is your favorite movie?” Motion was made and passed to accept the secretary’s report. The leader’s report was read. Motion was made and passed to accept the leader’s report. The treasurer’s report was read. Motion was made and accepted to accept the treasurer’s report. The club discussed the Awards Ceremony held in Mandan last Friday. Current members of the Morton County Livestock Judging team explained how the team did this past year and what they have learned. They encouraged all members to join the team.

Discussion was held regarding club projects. The final vote for projects will be held at the November meeting. The community service project is underway. The buildings at the Flasher Golf Course have been scraped and one building is painted. Club leader Stephanie Jochim will email the members when the next date to finish the painting will be held. Discussion was also held regarding the Christmas party.

Vote was taken and it was decided to have the Christmas party at the bowling alley in Elgin in December. The recreational leader led the club in a game outside. The Steph Jochim family demonstrated how to make microwave cake-in-a-cup.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 11, at 5 p.m. at the St. Lawrence Catholic Church Parish Center, with the Martie Schaff family in charge of demonstration and snacks.