Mandan News

Rowdy Ranchers hold September meeting

By Mary Hintz, club reporter


The Rowdy Ranchers 4-H Club held its September meeting on Sunday, Sept. 9, at the St. Lawrence Church Parish Center. All members were present. The secretary’s report was read. The roll call question was “What is your favorite pet?” A motion was made, and passed, to accept the secretary’s report. The leader’s report was read. Motion was made, and passed, to accept the leader’s report. The treasurer’s report was read. Motion was made, and accepted, to accept the treasurer’s report.

The club elected new members as follows: President, John Jochim; Vice President, Marcus Isaacs; Secretary, Emalee Fleck; Treasurer, Katie Jochim; Club Reporter, Mary Hintz; Recreation Leader, Macey Isaacs.

Discussion was held regarding yearly dues. Motion was made, and approved, to make the dues $10 payable to the treasurer. The club was asked to scrape and paint buildings in Flasher for a community service project. Dates will be discussed at the next meeting. The club played a game outside dealing with teamwork.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 9, at 5 p.m. at the St. Lawrence Catholic Church Parish Center, with the Steph Jochim family in charge of demonstration and snacks.