Mandan News

Scammers pose as fake company, Excel Energy

Telephone scammers try to make their way through the area after a Mandan business owner received a telephone call from a person who claimed to be working for “Excel Energy.”

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, the Mandan Police Department was made aware of a scam that is starting to occur in the area. A caller from Excel Energy told a Mandan business owner that he had not paid his last energy bill and his power would be turned off. The caller told the business owner if he would pay $1,900 the account would be paid in full.

Immediately terminating the call, the business owner called Montana Dakota Utilities, in which they explained MDU has no affiliation with any company known as Excel Energy. MDU also explained they would never notify a client, and then shut down their power in such a short amount of time.

If anyone receives a similar telephone call immediately terminate the conversation and notify the Mandan Police Department at 701-667-3250, and the North Dakota Attorney General’s office at 701 328-2210.