Mandan News

School district lines to be redrawn

The Mandan Public School District is in the middle of drawing up new school district lines for the eight schools represented in Mandan.

The district lines are to be presented at the Nov. 18, school board meeting. Thereafter, the board will ask for feedback from the six different elementary schools.

Mandan schools have open enrollment and accommodate transfer students.
“We can choose our church, our grocery store, so why not the schools our children attend,” said Bitz.

District lines are needed before the Old Red Trail Elementary School is open for the 2014-2015 school year. Currently, the school is on schedule and on budget.
The external walls are up and contractors are working on finishing the roof. The goal is to have the building fully enclosed before winter, said Mandan facilities director Ryan Lagasse at the school board meeting Monday.

Also approved at the board meeting was five 2014-2015 school calendar options. Comments are sought, from parents students and staff.

The goal of the Mandan schools is to be understanding and flexible with the community, while learning from the Bismarck School Board as much as possible.