Mandan News

School district may be taking in more schools

By Brian L. Gray


In light of Burleigh-Morton County Superintendent of Schools Karen Kautzmann’s announcement of her resignation, the Mandan School District may be stepping up to help out some local districts currently without administrative leadership.

Two schools near the Mandan area, Sweet Briar and Little Heart, will be in need of an overseer to evaluate teachers and handle paperwork, and also offer counseling time, said Mandan School District Superintendent Mike Bitz.

Either  Bitz or one of the Mandan district’s principals could assume the superintendent duties.

Morton County and the school district will begin to negotiate plans for the Mandan district to take over duties after July 1, the final day that Kautzmann will be the count superintendent.

“In a month or two we’ll plan to sit down with the county and see if we can help out,” Bitz said.

There are 28 students that the county school superintendent supervises – 15 at Little Heart School and 13 at Sweet Briar School, which is located near St. Anthony.

Kautzmann’s resignation came after the announcement by the Burleigh County Commission that it would be ending its contract with Morton County to share a county school superintendent, citing falling enrollment numbers.

Bitz said with the two districts soon to be in need of a supervisor to assume its needed duties, the Mandan School District is in a position to assist. “I just think it’s the right thing to do. If we can help out as a neighbor, we definitely should,” he said.