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Sisters hit the stage in Mandan

Tigirlily, a local band from Hazen, is coming to The O.N.E. in downtown Mandan, on Friday, Oct. 18 at 7:30 p.m., with special guest Harbor Hills of Bismarck.

Kendra Slaubaugh, 17, a senior at Hazen High School and Krista Slaubaugh, 15, a sophomore, are sisters from Hazen, that make up the band Tigirlily. The sisters have opened for acts such as Chris Cagel and Gwen Sebastian in Williston, Minot and Bismarck. Other artists include, Thompson Square, 32 Below, Hotel California, and The Bellamy Brother.

Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh of Hazen, make up the band Tigirlily.

Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh of Hazen, make up the band Tigirlily.

“This has been something we would have never expected, but sure has given us a boost in our music career,” said Kendra.

With a mix of country and pop, Tigirlily also has elements of blues and folk intertwined in their music. Artists who influence their sound vary from Maroon 5, The Civil Wars, Taylor Swift, Sarah McLachlan, and The Beatles.
Tigirlily became “discovered,” posting several YouTube videos of their original music and cover songs.

However, the sisters’ did not begin their music careers online, “We started to sing as soon as we could talk! I started taking singing seriously at 13, by doing talent contests across the state,” said Kendra.

“Krista soon joined me after she saw the fun I was having.”

Brenda Slaubaugh, mother and manager of Tigirlily, said the girls’ high school band teacher, Chris Harvey, first helped the sisters record their music when they were 13 and 15.

Harvey started recording original songs for them sending the music back and forth between, Chris Commisso, a producer from Arizona. Commisso would record the background instrumentals in Arizona, while the girls would fill in the vocals at Hazen with Harvey.

Songs featured on their first CD include, “Just Another Pretty Face,” “Little Birdie,” and “Gone.”

“Their latest song is always my favorite, I love them all,” said Brenda.
“However if I have to pick one I would choose ‘Gone.’ It has a lot of meaning and emotion which really makes it a memorable song.”

Colin Thomas of Imagine Records in California, helped produce and co-write the songs “Just Another Pretty Face” and one of Tigirlily’s newest singles, released last month on YouTube, called “North Dakota.”

The Creative Treatment, a North Dakota video production, distribution and marketing company based in Bismarck, did video production for “North Dakota.”
The song transcends the sisters’ love for their home state and features locations such as a baseball park in Beulah with local ballplayers as extras, along the Missouri River in Bismarck with the Lewis and Clark Riverboat in the background, and a sunrise over the Badlands near Medora.

Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh of Tigirlily

Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh of Tigirlily

The sisters are independent artists and have free reign to work with whoever is compatible with their music. For Tigirlily’s second CD, the girls took a trip to Nashville to write two songs with Teri Jo Box and one song with Gwen Sebastian.

The girls’ favorite songs to sing are from their second CD, available in 2014. In the mean time, Tigirlily continuously posts original singles on iTunes, with one coming out at the end of October and another at the end of November.
The music started out as a hobby for the duo, simply playing and signing together for fun, but their influence on the North Dakota music scene has grown into much more.

“The most surreal experience since starting the band would have to be seeing people’s reaction to our music,” said Kendra and Krista.

“We are honestly doing something we love and to see other people enjoying our music is amazing. When we see people singing our songs, it is literally the best feeling ever. This has grown into something bigger than we ever imagined, and now we can make a career out of what we love to do.”

Brenda adds the family use to be “homebodies,” and simply involved in their community; however with the weekly offers and the fast paced exposure, the family decided they might as well, “Go for it.”

“I don’t want my daughters to miss out on an important sporting event so we have to stay organized and plan ahead,” said Brenda.

“Music is really important to them and to keep up with the momentum we decided to give it a shot and pursue a career in the music industry. But they are still teenagers and I want to make sure they get to do all the normal things teenagers do before those years are gone.”

Watching on at local interviews, Brenda is in awe at how comfortable the girls are in front of the camera or at interviews. She credits this confidence to starting young in the music industry.

Tigirlily is featured through several media outlets in North Dakota and across the county. However, they will be performing with local band, Harbor Hills next Friday. The show is open to all ages and doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the show starting at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 the day of the show. Advance tickets are sold at Savvy Skate and Snow or online at To buy Tigirlily’s CD or single songs visit their website at

“People should definitely expect to see the ‘true’ Tigirlily, from our performances of original songs to our favorite covers,” said Kendra and Krista
“We are definitely ready to have a good time, so expect a fun, upbeat night.”