Mandan News

Spring sports to be held on Sundays

By Brian L. Gray


This year’s spring sports missed out on nearly one-third of its season due to a late winter, and the school district hopes that one extra day of sports will serve as catch-up.

The Mandan School Board has approved for Mandan High School activities to be held on Sundays for the remainder of the season.

Under school policy, the Mandan Public Schools is not allowed to have activities on Sunday unless the activities are approved by the school board.

Activities Director Lorell Jungling said that this year’s delay in spring sports has probably been the worst he has experienced in his years as a school administrator.

“Many athletes have been practicing indoors for weeks as early as Feb. 25, with no opportunity to compete outside,” he said. “This waiver will provide kids greater opportunities to compete, without any loss of school time.”

Other schools, including all Bismarck schools, have previously approved its high school athletes to compete on Sundays. Students who do not participate in sports for religious reasons on Sundays will be allowed to sit out the sports on those days. As part of the approval, no games or travel for activities will be held before 2:30 p.m.