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State steps up traffic enforcement during January

The North Dakota Department of Transportation reminds travelers to be alert for vehicles pulled over by law enforcement this month.

During January’s intensified enforcement period for seat belt laws and other code violations, the number of vehicles being pulled over is expected to increase across the state.

According to state law, drivers should allow as much room as possible when encountering authorized emergency vehicles, which include law enforcement, ambulance, fire truck or highway maintenance vehicles such as NDDOT trucks and snowplows.

On a multi-lane highway outside city limits, the law requires motorists to move to a lane not adjacent to the authorized vehicle. This maneuver must be made with regard to safety and other traffic. If it cannot be done, the driver must proceed with due caution, reduce the speed of the vehicle, and maintain a safe speed for existing road conditions.

Fifty-six law enforcement agencies across the state are participating in extra patrols for traffic safety enforcement. Additional seat belt enforcement will continue through Jan. 31.