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Tattoo parlor comes to The Strip

(l-r) Tattoo artists Gary Hinton and Rich Dunka, who have opened up the business Skin City Tattoos. Brian L. Gray photo

By Brian L. Gray


A new tattoo parlor, named Skin City Tattoos, has opened up shop on Memorial Highway.

The business, located at 3801 Memorial Highway, is owned by professional tattoo artist Rich Dunka. He operates the business with fellow artist Gary Hinton.

The parlor opened on The Strip on Jan. 24. Dunka has been a professional tattoo artist for six years, and is now in his third year of operating his own parlor. He previously ran a tattoo parlor in Minot, but chose to move his business elsewhere due to the oil boom and rising costs of living in the city.

Dunka says a major challenge with running a business is getting the word out to customers that he’s open for business. “It’s scary at first, and a little slow. Nobody knows you, so you gotta build clients and get to know people,” Dunka says.

Hinton has been a licensed artist for one full year, and has been a protege of sorts under Dunka’s wing. “He is developing to be one of the best artists I’ve seen in a while,” Dunka says.

Dunka says he offers tattoo art at a low cost, because he is aware of people’s financial struggles. “We offer fair prices because we understand how much it costs to live these days,” he says.

In addition to offering body art, Skin City also offers free touchups if they are needed.

Hours for Skin City Tattoos are 1 to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, contact Rich at 509-2034 or Gary at 340-6252.