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Tax breaks approved for new projects

The future location of Little Caesar's, which will be located at 310 Sixth Ave. S.E. Brian L. Gray photo

The future location of Little Caesar’s, which will be located at 310 Sixth Ave. S.E. Brian L. Gray photo

By Brian L. Gray


A new pizza joint, gas station and 30-unit apartment area all on their way to Mandan, with the help of some assistance by the city.

The Mandan City Commission has approved tax breaks for the three new projects.

In a 3-2 split vote, the city commission approved a tax break for the construction of a gas station and convenience store to Bayside, LLC, which will be located at 46th Ave. S.E., across from Raging Rivers. It will receive a total of $65,160 in exemptions spread over five years.

Business Development Director Ellen Huber said that while there is no market need for another gas station in Mandan, there is a geographical need for one in the Lakewood area.

The cost of construction will be $2.5 million. It is expected to hire 10 full-time and six part-time employees.

Commissioners Dennis Rohr and Dot Frank voted against the exemption. Frank said the commission needs to determine which specific needs the city has and use its exemptions to fills those missing gaps. “I think we’re losing our focus on these exemptions,” she said. “We need to remember what we’re targeting, and then we need to check them off.”

Commissioner Mike Braun said he was in favor of the exemption because the applicant met all the qualifications the city had set, and the city should follow through with the rules it has created. “We’re allowing them to receive an exemption based on the policy, and until we change it, I think we need to adhere to the policy,” he said.

A two-year, 100 percent tax exemption was also approved to Zueger Properties, Goldstar Properties and Verity Homes for a 30-unit apartment complex at 2003 Marina Rd. S.E. Cost of the building will be $2.7 million, and the amount of tax breaks will be $53,190 per year.

The complex will include 12 three-bed, 12 two-bed and 6 one-bed apartments. The average cost of each apartment will be $1,000.

The city commission approved the project with the request that the developers consider implementing affordable housing at the apartment complex.

The city’s first fast food restaurant in several years, Little Caesar’s Pizza, also was approved for a tax break. It will receive a tiered five-year exemption, with 100 percent the first two years, 75 percent in the third, 50 percent the fourth and 25 percent the fifth year.

The restaurant will be located at 310 Sixth Ave. S.E. It will plan to hire 15 to 20 part-time to full-time employees, and over the five years will receive an estimated $29,550 in tax breaks.

The application came to the city commission during its previous meeting on May 7 for approval, but two motions for a tax exemption were rejected due to a lack of consensus vote. The developers of the pizza restaurant previously applied for a five-year exemption in 2011, which was approved, but had to delay its construction due to the spring flooding that year.