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Using common sense

Layout 1 (Page 1)Is it just me or has common sense been distorted by the massive, conservative takeover of our media? I’m left to wonder about all those folks who think we can continue on our present course and still leave a decent legacy for the generations that will follow us.

Since you seem to still be with me, I’ll start with oil. I can’t help but wonder how many generations our present oil boom will support. Back in the ‘70’s, we were told that fossil fuels would eventually run out; has the new fracking technology eviscerated that thinking? Do we now have enough oil to fuel our economy forever, or is there an estimated end to this resource?

Common sense seems to indicate that we’ve found enough oil to fuel me for the remainder of my life, but what about my kids and grandkids? How far will they go to fuel their economy, will their drills drain the earth before they find better alternatives?

It seems to me that the word conservative means to conserve resources; yet, today these are the folks who are into ‘drill baby drill,’ while disdaining and blocking further research into new ways of fueling our economy. Maybe the new age conservatives are too busy conserving with hope that things will stay this way forever … thus disregarding future generations.

Maybe conservatives are so happy with what is that they have lost their sense of what will or could be. As they cling to what is their sense of self becomes selfish, ‘As long as I have mine the rest can fend for themselves; after all I worked hard, saved, conserved to get to where I am.’ Thus, I wonder if we’ll have to either choke ourselves to death or run out of oil before we find more ecological ways to fuel ourselves.

More than likely, we’ll have to be in some sort of crisis before my questions will be answered. Healthcare reform was a good example of how hard it will be to solve our fuel problem. We were told that 50 million Americans were uninsured. The conservatives, especially those who had insurance, managed to stave off any reforms until we, the people, finally elected the folks who passed Obamacare. And the howling from the conservative side had taken over our media … the sad part is that very few of these folks who have insurance care about those who don’t.

The conservative talk show network continues to be filled with hate for Obamacare. Their complaints are hollow, but their ability to hammer home their political points have created a wall between the ‘haves and have nots’ that needs some common sense.

The conservatives remind me of the ‘let them eat cake’ from the French revolution. I’m left to wonder how many of them are willing to stand at the emergency room door and sort out who deserves to have health care and who will be turned away? Should money be the sole determinate in deciding who gets health care and who doesn’t? Would you be willing to do the triage for our healthcare system?

I guess I’m just not mean enough to sort out who should get care and who shouldn’t … yet isn’t that what our conservative media wants? Seems to me that their main requirement is that we all have to lift ourselves up by our own bootstraps, but what about those folks, who by the grace of God, can’t reach their boots or those who have no boots … should we just let them die on the streets because they can’t afford the care they need? Do these folks really believe that we should continue to fund our healthcare system with bake sales and pancake breakfasts?

Conservative thinking isn’t all bad, but there are times when other thoughts need to be taken seriously … like when it comes to thinking about someone besides our self. Conservatives always seem to think more about me before thee … and I’m left to wonder about the legacy that we will leave those who aren’t here yet … thus I’m praying that we can somehow balance our thinking, as it’s the opposing wind that makes the kite fly high and from what I can tell there’s barely a breeze of opposition out there today.