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Vern Davis: Big thanks for generous contribution

Hello from Morton County Parks.

It is already the first week in February, so I’m behind a week on getting this article written, but there is a good reason, so be patient.

First – to you people who have been ice fishing at Sweetbriar, Tim has been doing his best to try and keep the access roads open. With all of our “fluffy flakes” coming down – a good wind will pile up the snow and block the roads, so if the road isn’t open, be patient, he will get there as soon as possible.  There are already places through cuts in trees where the snow is 4 to 5 feet deep. Tim will not take that new tractor-loader on the ice to plow roads on the lake. End of story.

Second – I received a phone call a few weeks ago from one of the guys at Bis-Man Reel and Rec inviting me to the Cabin Fever event on Jan. 30. He said I’d have a free ticket, so of course I’d go for a free meal! There was also something about how they would like to make a presentation to Morton County Parks – another reason I’d be there.

Saturday arrived and my wife and I went to the event – at the Mandan Moose.  There was great food – chicken and beef dinner and really good blues music by the Weston Schick Blues Band. Then the Strasburg Rock & Roll Superstar, Mylo Hatzenbuhler, also known in real life as Clyde Bauman, took over. He had the place laughing to tears.

Near the end of the evening, I was called up for the presentation. The Reel and Rec Club gave Morton County Parks a check for $6,000 to be used on our projects.  With reconstruction of the boat ramp and replacement of the boat dock at Graner Park, you can bet I know where these funds will be put to use. It will go to Graner Park. So a really BIG THANK YOU to the people of Reel and Rec. We couldn’t do what we do without the help of clubs like this. While on Reel and Rec watch for their Ice Fishing Extravaganza on the 13th of February, their Walleye Tournament in the middle of May and take a kid fishing during the summer.

Third – I have reached sort of a milestone in the job – I have been here for 10 years! It doesn’t seem like it – time sure flies when you’re having fun. We have seen a few improvements since I’ve been here. I guess the most apparent is the equipment. One of my goals is to have the best equipment we can afford to do the things we must do – tractors, mowers, trucks, trailers and the list goes on. We have a great work crew also – all this makes my job easier.

One last thing – I get quite a bit of “ladylike” advice and help in the wing of the courthouse I work in. The Extension and Superintendent of Schools offices are all of the female gender. Without the help of these girls – especially Kari Presler helping with the copy machine and her witty stuff, I’d be lost around here. So, here’s to the next 10 – see you next month.