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Vern Davis: Extra revenue means more park purchases

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Hello from Morton County Parks.

I’ll go a little personal first. The big day arrived on Nov. 2, when my wife and I were blessed with a Double Dip. Our daughter-in-law, Daphne, gave birth to twins – a girl, Montana, and a boy, Noah. I guess I forgot how small babies can be because it sure isn’t tough to hold a 5 or 6-pounder. Some of you guys catch walleyes bigger than that. They both sure are keepers.

Another family milestone happened during deer season. Our oldest grandson, Derek, shot his first deer the second weekend of the season, and then an hour later he nailed his second and yes, he did have two doe tags.

He sure did better than his grandpa Vern, who didn’t get a deer. But as one of the hunting party said “Ya can’t shoot when you’re inside the pickup napping!” Not really, but ya know older eyes don’t see as well nor ears hear as well – that’s my excuse.

Our parks campground fees took a fair jump this year – up 31 percent over last year, so we will be using the increased funds to buy a new piece of playground equipment for Graner Park. It should be in place by the first of May next year. The old steel slide will be removed to make way for the new structure. According to the manufacturer – the unit will occupy a space of about 30 feet by 37 feet.

Also next year, the next reach of the multi-use trail to Harmon Lake will be put in place. It has been on the agenda now for a couple years. With any luck, this multi-use trail will be finished by 2013.

On the subject of Harmon Lake, the mountain bike – hiking trail on the north side was finished in early November.  This first segment goes around the hills about 3.7 miles. It will remain primitive – meaning no paving or gravel on the surface.

People who come into the park on horse are asked to please stay off the trail because hoof marks lead to water problems when it rains, which will lead to rapid deterioration of the trail surface. There is a lot of other area to ride in the park – especially on the north side.

So, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you here next year.