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Vern Davis: Getting ready for spring

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Greetings from Morton County Parks.

Here we are – November already, the month that all turkeys dread.

Things have slowed down quite a bit in the parks. As of last week the park crew is down to Tim working full-time and myself about 12 -15 hours a week. We are now in the “Get ready for next spring” mode. Tim is out making repairs at facilities which weren’t gotten to during the very busy summer season.

If you visit Crown Butte Park, you will notice that new metal and wood has been applied at the shelter there, the fence which a SEMI knocked down in Graner Park is back up. Numerous things like that are what had to be overlooked for a while this summer but we now have time to fix. 

The small ice skating rink in the park area at Entzel Acres has been mowed, so we can look forward to using that facility this winter after freeze up. This was built a couple years ago and with the help of the Morton County Highway Department hauling the water and the local residents helping with the blading and shoveling, it turns out okay. Last year, there was so much snow all winter long that it became impossible to maintain. Hopefully it won’t be that bad this year.

The electricity will be turned off about Nov. 9 or 10 at Graner Park and the Fort Rice Campground, unless the weather is really nice and there is still someone who wishes to be there during the deer season. Otherwise, it will be lights out.

Speaking of deer season, our family tradition will be repeated again this year. We may be missing one family member because Jonathan and Daphne, our son and daughter-in-law, are anxiously awaiting the birth of the twins. The neat thing in this day and age is they have declined to find out the gender of the babies, so it will be a neat revelation to all concerned. 

That’s about it for this month. Deer hunters, hunt safely, get the big one and enjoy the season. You fishermen, I hope there is still time to get on the water and catch a few more walleyes, and to everyone, a happy Thanksgiving.

See you next month.