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Vern Davis: Harmon Lake is now open

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Hello from Morton County Parks.

Wow – Fourth of July week already and the summer has just begun. 

Let me start with a few excuses for our park system. We are about a week behind in our maintenance schedule – mowing, cleaning and so forth.

The reason for this is the semi-abundant amount of rain which we have received the past month. The guys hope to catch up in most parks by the Fourth.

The rifle range has been in terrible shape for the last two weeks, but hopefully this will be corrected soon. It sure doesn’t help to have people go there on “search and destroy” missions. It seems that a few people just have to shoot things they shouldn’t, such as getting close to the target and shooting off the railroad ties that support the target. This is totally uncalled for, but some people don’t care and make a mess for the people who take care and use the facility as it should be used. I have spoken to a couple of fellows who have been shooting there for years, and they really get upset when things like this happen. I would guess the people who misuse public facilities such as this probably would never read this paper, so I’m probably just wasting time in asking their cooperation in this matter.

On a high note – Harmon Lake opened on June 19 to the KFYR Radio Tractor Trek. This was a very enjoyable event for all involved. I sure enjoyed seeing the machines and reminisce about some of the ones I have used in my lifetime – ya can’t take the past away from us “Geezers.” It seems like the older I get, the more fun it was, but I also remember getting off that “R” John Deere after a long day of summer fallowing – it was fun, but I ached all over.

Harmon Lake, of course, is now open. If you have a few spare minutes, go up there and see it. It is beautiful. I remember six or eight years ago, my dear lady friend, Lucille Hendrickson, was very upset because the facility would “destroy” the valley and especially the trees. I believe that if she could see the place this summer, she would say, “Vern, this is quite nice.”

There is trout fishing available – but I would encourage you adults to catch and release. Encourage your kids and grandkids to catch a couple. The limit goes by Game and Fish rules – three in the creel and possession. There are 1,500 “catchable” rainbow trout and 1,500 cut throat fingerlings, so this is why I encourage catch and release if possible.

Well, I believe I have bored you long enough for this month. Have a happy Independence Day and keep it safe. 

See you next month.