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Vern Davis: Looking back at 2010’s milestones

Hello from Morton County Parks.

The end of the year has come and gone, so I think I will reflect a little on the year just past.  As I see it, here are some of the important points of 2010:

1. Another section of the walking/biking trail along Highway 1806 has been completed – that leaves only a couple more miles until it will reach the Harmon Lake Area.

2. The camping season from late April until late October was quite successful.  There were 1190 envelopes turned in at the Graner Park and Fort Rice Campgrounds. Six hundred fifty four were registered from Mandan, Three Hundred Thirty Six from Bismarck and Two Hundred and One “others” or just a name with no address.

There were 14 states represented as far away as Texas, Florida, and Washington.  The busiest weekend was Memorial Day with 116 envelopes turned in followed by the Corral Sales Campout with 110 and Labor Day with 109.

3. Repairs were done at Sweetbriar Dam. Hopefully this will cure the leaking that has been a problem for the last several years. With all the snow that is already on the ground, the lake will most likely refill next spring.

4. At Harmon Lake, the biking-hiking path has been completed all around the perimeter with a floating bridge put in on the west end. There have been quite a few comments on how great this path is. I feel we owe the largest thank you for the path to Ron Leuthe and Jamie Wetsch. These two gentlemen have put many, many hours into it during design, construction and on some maintenance issues.

5. At Nygren Dam, a floating fishing pier was put in with access from the main road. This has attracted more people to come to the facility to catch a few fish and just relax a little.

So, there have been improvements in the parks, we have been busy this past year, and the way it looks, as things develop your Morton County Parks Department will keep on being busy. Happy New Year!