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Vern Davis: Parks getting caught up

Hello from Morton County Parks.

July already – we are finally starting to get caught up with the mowing of the parks and cemeteries. It has been a long uphill battle, but I think we will be even in about a week. I’ve had several calls, especially about the cemeteries not being done for Memorial Day, but we just couldn’t catch up. Sorry for the inconvenience and shabby looks.

A new fishing pier has been installed by Zachmeiers Manufacturing at Nygren Dam. This was done by North Dakota Game and Fish Department about Thursday of last week. This was entirely funded by a gift which the Game and Fish Department received from a private source. The pier is just off the east end of the dam area. This was chosen because of the steep hills surrounding the other access areas. Remember, this is not a live minnow bait lake. It will be easiest to park on the north side of the road by the pier as there is a fairly wide, level road shoulder.

The use of Harmon Lake by the public has been phenomenal. I’ve had reports of a couple dozen people at a time shore fishing, with several out in a boat or two, also camping has been common as well. There is a new vault toilet installed at the area, where the most camping is happening, and within a week or two Morton County Parks will be binging up some campfire rings and two or three picnic tables. Tim is busy assembling some tables right now as I write this.

The first use for the tables will be at Hebron celebration over the Fourth of July weekend. Then we will take ’em back where the came from and put the new ones at several park sites throughout the county. By the way Hebron people, have a great celebration!

Just one other thing to nag you about. With the Independence Day celebration here please remember that fireworks are not allowed in the parks. Please, for the safety and sanity of everyone, observe this rule. Thank you.

That’s about it for now – have a happy and safe Fourth, and I hope to see you around our parks.