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Vern Davis resigns position

Vern Davis


By Brian L. Gray


After 12 years in the position, Morton County Park Director Vern Davis has turned in his resignation.

Davis submitted his letter of resignation to the Morton County Park Board Chairman Jerry Jeske and the Morton County Commission on Thursday, Sept. 20. The resignation went into effect immediately.

While a replacement is being sought, Morton County Park Superintendent Tim Nilsen will step in to handle Davis’ duties. The county commission will discuss how to proceed to fill Davis’ position during its next public meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Since accepting the position of parks director, Davis has also worked as a monthly contributing columnist for the Mandan News the last 12 years.

Prior to becoming the parks director, Davis worked as a biology teacher at Mandan High School for 35 years.

Davis, in his letter of resignation, said that a contributing factor that led to his stepping down was that he feels the demands of the job would be better suited for someone younger.

“I find myself in a position where I cannot, and do not want to keep up, with the skills that are required in this position,” he stated in the letter.

Davis, 72, said that the “many rapid changes that are occurring at Morton County Parks” made for a good time for him to retire.

As the parks director, Davis supervised and managed 15 parks in the county, and during his time helped to replace aging equipment, construct a storage building, set up winter snow fences and maintain abandoned cemeteries, he said.

Davis held the position only part-time, and had no interest in taking on the job full-time. Discussions have recently begun within the county to begin making the position full-time.