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Vern Davis: With flooding comes uncertainty

Hello from Morton County Parks.

The situation in Morton County Parks is a little cloudy at the present time. We really don’t know what we will have when the “watery season” clears up.

The last time a Morton County Parks employee was at Graner Park was in late May.  With the rapid river flows and erosion occurring, the end result will probably be a lot different than what we were accustomed to seeing. A plus for Graner – the upstream part of the park had been protected with rock, but the downstream part wasn’t.

A huge thank you must go to Tim and the crew. They saved about $20,000 worth of picnic tables by hauling them out to Graner’s farm across Highway 1806 just before total disaster struck. The last load of tables were taken out with water on the roads in the park. The two boat docks were chained to large trees by shelter one, we just hope they will still be there when all this clears up.

What I’ve read in the papers and knowing a little biology, I’m fearful for all the trees – not only in our parks but all the way along the Missouri River. I don’t know how long they can hold out without a good oxygen supply, but we can always hope.

Now a little personal. The flood has struck our family as well as the hundreds of others in the area.

Our daughter Amy and her family live in the Hoge Island development about a half-mile back from the river. Bev and I were about to take a three-day Black Hills trip – had the engine running – when we got the call. Goodbye vacation – hello sandbagging – for four or five days – water was 6 feet high around their home. Well, the dike held but the groundwater became too much and there is now about 2 feet of water in their home.

Luckily, we were able to move everything out before the disaster. You can’t believe how many friends you have until something like this happens.

So, family first: our household suddenly became six. This isn’t too bad – but things can get a little “out of sorts” once in a while. But so far – a little over a month later were still on a first name basis – how long? Who knows – but we’re lucky – we’ve still got the whole family in the area!

Best of luck to all the people fighting this problem.

See you next month.