Mandan News

Ways contributions are used

By Jackie Buckley
Morton County Extension Agent

Dates to remember
Dec. 24 — Morton County Extension Office will close at noon in observance of the Christmas holiday
Dec. 30 — Livestock Judging Workout, Chad and Julie Ellingson Ranch, 1 p.m.
Jan. 4 — There will not be a BSC Ag Roundup in 2014

Temple Grandin registrations
Space is limited for the workshop scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 14.
Preregistrations are due by Jan. 2. For more information, call 701-667-1163, extension 3.
The preregistration can be found online.
If you plan to attend the evening session at the Mandan Middle school, call the Morton County Extension Office at 701-667-3340.

Thoughts on lobbying and campaigning
In case you weren’t already aware that the Humane Society of the United States spends less than 1 percent of its annual budget to fund local shelters, a new press release puts things into perspective on the nation’s wealthiest animal rights group. According to, “In 2012, HSUS spent a total of $120 million, but less than 1 percent of that went to supporting local sheltering organizations nationwide.” For example, Minnesota shelters received two grants from HSUS worth a total of $1,000 in 2012.
With $200 million in the bank, why doesn’t HSUS spend more money on shelters that are struggling to keep their doors open? The answer is simple. HSUS prefers to spend millions campaigning for more money and lobbying for increased regulation on farmers and ranchers.
The report was released just a few months after a survey of 1,050 self-identified HSUS donors was unveiled. It revealed that 87 percent of the donors were unaware that HSUS gives such a small portion of its annual budget to local shelters. According to, “When informed of this sad reality, a full 83 percent of HSUS’s own donors agreed the group ‘misleads people into thinking that it supports local humane societies and pet shelters,’ and 59 percent were less likely to support the group going forward.”
Looking at 2012, HSUS spent $50 million on fundraising, campaigning, maintaining a staff of lawyers and lobbyists, and rewarding the top tier of employees with bloated salaries and benefits, including $3 million in pension contributions, says
When put in black and white like this, it’s quite evident that more work needs to be done to educate the masses who might be giving their money with good intentions, but who would also be upset to hear how HSUS actually spends their money.
— Taken from the Beef Daily Blog by Amanda Radke, Mitchell, S.D.