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Why there is no better place to live than here

Observations of a News Editor
By Dustin White

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Wisconsin for the first time. It was primarily a family trip, with my wife’s family. The manner in which they prefer to vacation is by camping, which generally isn’t a problem; unless it rains.

Luckily, the weather was cooperative. However, the traffic was not. Having to travel through the Twin Cities, I came to a realization: there is no better place to live than our great county. Also, I hate driving in traffic.

Now, I may be a bit bias, but I’m sure many of those reading this would agree. Not that I always felt this way though.

When I finished high school in Mandan, I couldn’t wait to get out of the area. It was to a big city that I found myself drawn. After a few years of bouncing around, not really knowing exactly what I wanted, I found myself in Fargo.

While Fargo may not be a stereotypical big city, such as New York, it was larger than the Bismarck-Mandan area I was used to. It was an enjoyable place to live, but for me, it wasn’t quite right. It lacked the small town feel. At the time though, I didn’t realize that was what I wanted.

Moving back to the area, and coming to the Mandan News, I came to the conclusion this is the sort of place I like to call home.

That is not to say that I don’t miss some of the aspects of Fargo, or larger areas. There definitely is more diversity in larger cities. Having the choice of exploring a larger variety of cultures, as well as religious ideas is something that appeals to me.

Yet, what this area may lack, it greatly makes up in other places.

While the towns and cities in Morton County have that small town feel, they have access to the conveniences of a larger city. And with the internet, there is little that we can’t get our hands on, without having to go through the hassle of living in a much more populated area.

In essence, living in this area gives us the benefit of both worlds.

The small town feel is important though. While every town will have a level of crime, were we live feels safe. Its a place one can raise their children without to much additional worry (because after all, parents are going to worry regardless).

There is also a sense that one can count on others. On numerous occasions, I have seen people all too willing to help out others, even if they are complete strangers. People here realize that we are a community, and thus work towards making this a great one.

Beyond the community, there is also a great beauty in this place. A beauty that often is under appreciated.

Morton County often is overlooked when people think of tourist attractions. However, there is a lot to see in our area. While many often think of Fort Lincoln as the go to place, there are many other locations to explore as well, that often rival more famous sites elsewhere.

Even at Fort Lincoln, just moving off the beaten path, and exploring the various walking paths, one can find themselves immersed in a wonder land. Moving further south, one can also find other areas, such as Graner Park and Fort Rice, with their own unique offerings.

It’s more than just beauty that these sites offer though. There is a great amount of history here.
The history of this area stretches beyond our relatively small borders. For instance, the founding of forts in this area helped with the European settlement of the west.

There are also many unique pieces of history here, such as Fort Sauerkraut, which we will explore in more detail in an upcoming issue of the Mandan News.

All in all, this is the sort of place I want to grow old in, and raise my children in. With such a rich history, as well as a strong community, I can think of no great place to call my home.